SmartView (smart view) is an production management integration package system created by cardboard factory owner.

Features of SmartView

Production management integration package system specialized for cardboard industry, “SmartView” provides a wide range of business support such as order entry & placement, making plan including boxing, delivery plan, sales control to billing and drawing management. We realized a intuitive and easy to use operation. Both compatible for operation cardboard manufacturers and box makers. Operates on Microsoft .net Framework, adaptable to future Windows OS updates as well.  

The things you can do with SmartView

Administration of Rreceiving orders

Entering orders of sheets and cases.
  • Checking current stock/deemed stock.
  • Arranging materials and manufacture proceeding by entering order slip.

Administration of Sales

Recording the sales.
  • Sales slip issuance can be attributed to sales, by assigning from order receipt to sales and from order receipt via delivery

Administration of Claims

Claiming process and issuing invoice.
  • Billing from output can be done in timely manner, such as temporarily issuing, monthly issuing, or issuing by claim.
  • Able to output customer billing list and customer invoice.

Administration of Payments

Administration of paymnets.
  • Able to administrate unmade payment.

Administration of Accounts receivable

Administration of accounts receivable.
  • Able to output customer accounts receivable list and a customer accounts ledger form.

Administration of Ordering

Placing order of goods, sheets, outsourcing and so on.
  • Checking current stock/deemed stock.
  • Order data will be automatically created at the moment of entering the order slip, so you can easily place an order by making an allocation.

Administration of Purchase

Appropriate based on various orders.

Administration of Account payable.

Administration of accounts payable to the suppliers.
  • Able to output vendor accounts payable list and the vendor accounts payable ledger sheet.

Administration of Bonding planning / Material paper management (Corrugated version only)

Able to create bonding planning, achievement control, incomplete administration.
  • Able to create a bonding schedule based on the processing date calculated from the delivery date of the order slip.
  • Order can be rearranged according to the boxing order of flutes, sheet width, material etc registered in the corrugator ledger.

Boxing planning

Administration of manufacture of box, and also the incomplete.
  • Able to create a production schedule based on the processing date calculated from the delivery date of the order slip.
  • You can refer the drawings or entering the actual result by the production schedule screen.

Administration of Inventory control.

Administration of product, current stock of base paper, deemed stock.
  • Referring inventory quantity by order screen.

Administration of Delivery

Create a delivery plan while confirming the number of actual production records and the actual number of purchases purchased.
  • Administration of Delivery date / Delivery method / Delivery area / loading squares by collecting items by destination.
  • Able to Issue invoices for items loaded by allowance processing.

form control

Able to output administration forms as, Customer order list, Vendor-specific order list, Sales list by customer (by product / attachment), Actual summary table.

Administration of Drawing

Administration of drawings and various images of products.

The benefit of SmartView

  • Smooth communication with the site by creating a production plan while referring inventories. You can also save time to take notes by inputting information directly while looking at the screen, also, due to timely ordering of shortage, it becomes easier to protect delivery schedule.
Order entry / Exchange with site 1 customer 10 slip shorten about 5 minutes. If you receive orders from 10 customers a day, improve work efficiency of about 50 minutes / day and 1000 minutes / month.
  • Able to create manufacture & boxing scheduling based on the processing date calculated from the delivery date of the order slip. You can also grasp the past manufacture & boxing datas. Efficiency improves the delivery time by being able to make scheduling based on calculation from the delivery date.
  • Smooth billing process by easy grasping unclaimed parties, and preventing missing billings. You can streamline administrative procedures such as invoicing.
Shortened about 60 minutes for each closing day (in the case of 4 times / month) improve work efficiency of 240 minutes / month.
  • Automatic and efficient delivery planning based on customer and district, and needless to distribute slips when delivering.
One shipment 30 slips 1 slip approximately 10 seconds shortened by about 5 minutes when there are 10 shipments a day, work efficiency improves about 50 minutes / day 1000 minutes / month.

SmartView system configuration

SmartView system configuration

Screen sample & Form output sample


Order acceptance


Delivery note / receipt





SmartView Useful Features


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