“The strong person does not survive, but the person who can respond to change survives”

Charels Darwin known with the theory of evolution is said that he spoke so.

We expect that ICT will continue to develop and evolve in the future and that many scholars will have a singularity (technical singularity) by AI (artificial intelligence) in 2045.
Maybe there will be some misalignment about the timing, but everything such as gold, things, time, place, etc. will overturn the concepts and common sense, will reach the paradigm shift sooner or later.
Based on the change of the international environments, globalization and borderless accelerate and the world time and distance has been shortened rapidly.
To survive this era, it is necessary to continue reforming the company itself so that we can quickly respond to the rapid change of the situation.
To cope with changes in social situations, we have stepped up globalization for a long time, and now many employees are active in many countries including Asia, Europe and America.
Through ICT, we will make every effort to become a company that we can think and work with customers towards a society that changes constantly and of course beyond nationality and race types. Meanwhile, what we focus on the most are supporting to develop a healthy and emotionally talented people who are good at “creativity”, “management” and “hospitality” based on the idea of “corporate growth = human growth“.
We are committed to contributing to society and making efforts to make it a public institution of society as much as possible, as well as spare maximum effort to provide safety and security to all stakeholders, and all clients who are grown together with us.
We aim to be a company that can share the joy of the bussiness, and we would like to disseminate it to society.

Chief Executive Officer Shuichi Hashimoto

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