“CBT PLUS” is a learning support system that provides examinations and exercises by using computers,instead of conventional paper-based manual tests and exercises. You can repeatedly learn anytime anywhere, and it will lead you to an effective and an efficient improvement.
“CBT” and “e-Learning” are the typical 2type of learning support system that administrate tests and exercises.
“Computer Based Testing = CBT” is the system that administrate tests, and “e-Learning” is the system that administrate exercises.

※CBT PLUS is a registered trademark of System Trust Co., Ltd.

What CBT provides for tests.

Conventional tests

[Createing tests]
You can manually create tests.
Print, transport and store the tests.
[Conducting tests]
You have to manually distribute and retrieve the exam questions and answers. Students must fill in by hand.
[Scoring / Totalizing]
You have to score, aggregate and analyze the tests manually.

Improvement by utilizing CBT PLUS

[Create and Conduct tests]
You can automatically create tests from the registered examination questions. No need to print, transport and store the tests. No need to distribute or collect tests manually. The students will fill in the answers through their computer.
[Scoring / Totalizing]
You can automatically score, aggregate and analyze on the computer.

What e-Learning provides for exercises.

Conventional tests
CBT PLUS[Creating tests] Making and to prepara exercises will be done manually.
CBT PLUS[Conducting exercises] The students will do there exercises by handwriting.
Improvement by utilizing CBT PLUS
CBT PLUS[Creating exercises] You can create exercises from registered examination questions.
Users can overcome weak points and important points which will be extracted automatically by the system, and the user can learn on demand.
CBT PLUS[Conducting exercises] Users does there exercises through there computer.
You can repeatedly learn anytime anywhere, and it will lead you to a effective and efficient improvement.

The benefits of CBT PLUS

The benefits of CBT and e-Learning are as below.

Cost reduction

  • You can reduce the costs for printing, transportation and storageing.
  • You can contributes to the environment protection by converting to a paperless and inkless scheme.

Reducing workload

  • Effective utilize of assets as examination questions and commentary will bring you not only quality improvements, but also shorten the time to create tests and exercises. Calculation, aggregation, analysis, etc. can be done automatically on the computer.
  • The teachers will be released from complicated work (creating tests, scoring, aggregation, analysis) and can spare more time on research and guidance which are there original work. You can expect enhancement of educational content and improvements on educators’ quality.

Improvement on academic ability

  • You can expect multifaceted and deep learning results that can not be realized with paper.
  • Enriching educational content will provide students’ awareness of studying.

Unique points of ”CBT PLUS”

You can create original questions.

  • Because you can create original questions, you can operate without purchasing content at extra cost.
    ・You can insert images, sounds, videos and formulas into question sentences.
    ・You can easily create similar questions from the question accumulation bank.

It can be linked with the on-campus grade management system.

  • The results of this exam conducted at CBT PLUS can be linked with the on-campus grade management system such as LMS(Learning Management System).
    There are already many schools linked to the grade management system.

Construction and operation in low cost.

  • The server will be from by open source OS and DB.
    You can start operate, simply if you have an Internet browser.
  • Construction and operation in low cost.
    OSLinux(CentOS 6.7)
    Red Hat Linux
    Data baseMongo Databese
    since version 2.6.12
    Construction and operation in low cost.
    Smart Phone
    ios , Android
    BrowserGoogle chorome,
    Firefox , Safari ,
    Internet Explorer9.0~

High maintainability.

  • It will not be initialized even if there is a power outage or communication failure, and you can continue testing or exercises right after recovery, It achieves high maintainability even in a vulnerable infrastructure environment.

High educational effect.

  • High educational effect.Iterative learning weak points and important points leads you to an effective learning.
  • Efficient learning can be expected, by learning anytime and anywhere through tablets and smartphones.

High operability.

  • High operability. MS-Word is available for tests and exercises creation.
  • MS-Excel is available for aggregation and analysis of tests and exercises, so you do not need to master a special operation.

High generality

  • This system’s structure consists of out frame for examination, and examination questions(content), for carrying out the tests and exercises.
    We have realized a high mediocrity to be able to respond to tests and exercises in various fields just by exchanging content.

System image

System image
  1. Create the questions for the tests and exercises and register them in the system database (DB). You can register questions by manually, or bulk registration from MS-Word file.
  2. You can create questions by extracting questions from the question database.
    You can select the question individually, or extra questions from he DB according to extraction conditions which you can set up.
  3. Distribute the tests and exercises to users. It saves you from printing and distributing them.
  4. Conducting the test.
  5. Scoring, evaluation, analysis and feedback will be carried out.
    It will automatically score, and you can visualize the grasp of the academic achievement situation by displaying the test results on the radar chart etc.
  6. Conducting the exercises. Various exercises such as exercises focused only on weak points are possible. You can also refer to commentary etc.
    The user can deepen their understanding by referring to the explanation of each question they did not understood.

※ Contributeing to PDCA as scoring, evaluation, analysis and measures, by repeating the cycle of 4 to 6. It also leads to improve academic ability.
Currently operated in more than 10 universities and companies in Japan. Operateable in multipul languages.


If you have any questions about CBT PLUS or would like a demo, please feel free to contact us at the following.

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