System Trust has continued to develop systems by using “intra-mart” since 2005.Especially, we’ve done a lot of system.

System Trust has member of “intra-mart” development partners (IDP: “intra-mart” development partners).

What’s “intra-mart”?

intra-mart“intra-mart” is a system infrastructure of Web application systems (integrated framework), developed and cold by NTT DATA INTRAMART CORPORATION, and has been implement to over 6,000 clients including world famous companies.
By implementing “intra-mart”, you can realize a web system development in short delivery and low cost, with standardization and quality improvement.
Unlike single workflow system, the capability of wide range of processing and high linkage ability with existing systems provide a unified platform for the entire company including between internationally departed locations.

“intra-mart” is a comprehensive system-based infrastructure application that contains various kinds of business applications which provide an immediate use and the following features.

Following are the features of “intra-mart”.

Short delivery, Low cost, Standardization, Quality improvement.

You can realize a Web system development with quick delivery in low cost, with quality improvement and standardization, by using a powerful API group built in “intra-mart” standard.

Flexible workflow

Supports of “intra-mart” a wide range of business processing and workflow other than application / approval / processing, which provides a unified platform for the entire company including internationally departed locations with high linkage ability with existing systems.
Workflows that require customization such as a workflow that proceedings as approval, consultation, circulation, remand, dynamically changes, or a workflow that assigning authority are not only for “people” but also for organizations and positions, can easily be realized with workflow of “intra-mart”.

2 development models.

JavaEE development model

The “intra-mart” Accel Platform requires advanced knowledge and experience of using the JavaEE framework (TERASOLUNA Server Framework for Java (5.x)) such as object oriented, and these requirements can be resolve and bring you a dramatic improvement to your productivity of JavaEE development model.

Script development model

The business logic is written in JavaScript is In the function container,
it associates JavaScript in the function container by adding “IMART tag” in the the presentation page of HTML file and able to create on one WEB page in need.

We have engineers who can develop both of the systems.

System integrity

You can start using without hesitation by the unified user interface and operability.
User management and security are also integrated, so maintenance of user information is not required by each application.
You can also unified the security level improved safety.


Each application function compatibly with other, and source code is open to public as well which provides openness that allows free customization.
It can also be used and expanded by all employees as an ERP Web front system.

Multi-tenant · hybrid cloud support.

It has multi-tenant function that can efficiently use separately by tenants, or by company or application.
It is also possible to freely select usage such as cloud, on-premises, hybrid utilization, depending on clients’s environment and work situation.

Global support

We are available to provide immediate international support by corresponding to multiple languages ​​(Japanese · English · Chinese (Simplified)) and time zone difference.
This is a simple and smooth communication solution between languages ​​and countries with time differences.

Achivements of System Trust

System Trust has continued to develop systems by using “intra-mart” since 2005.
Especially, we’ve done a lot of system construction by using “IM – Workflow” a workflow foundation that organizes and realizes an efficient work flow.
We have certified engineers for both “intra-mart” certified specialist (IMS: “intra-mart” Specialist) and “intra-mart” certified professional (IMP: “intra-mart” Professional), which is familiarizing with both of the two development models “script development model” and “J2EE development model”.

“intra-mart” Certified Specialist: What is IMS (“intra-mart” Specialist)?

It is a qualification that certify basic knowledge and technical skills of script development by using “intra-mart” products.

“intra-mart” Certified Professional: What is IMP (“intra-mart” Professional)?

It is a qualification that certify basic knowledge and technical skills of Java EE development by using “intra-mart” products.

Total support.

System Trust provide total support with experience based on past developments, from implementing “intra-mart”, requirements examination, system development, operation and maintenance process.

We will continue to support our clients in a wide range of ways, and not just by supporting system development by using “intra-mart”.

System development examples.

Examples of system developments which System Trust was involved.

Example of implementation general-workflow management system. (Work time management, expenses settlement system)

System outline

For major plant manufacturers
Time management using workflow, expenses settlement system.
Support including group companies and related factories.
It is used by over 3,000 people including employees and contract workers.
We cope from new introduction to maintenance.

Features and effects

Effects of introducing atime management, expenses settlement system.
(1) Business processes are automated and work can be carried out smoothly.
(2) Applications can be made without handing or mailing a paper application.
The cost of paper media has been reduced.
(3) Daily business procedures and approval of important documents have been progressed smoothly.
Also, centralized control of the decision-making process and strengthening of internal control are possible.

※ “intra-mart” is adopted for the workflow.

Example of implementation general-workflow management system. (Sales management system)

System outline

For pharmaceutical manufacturers
It is a sales information management system using workflow
It is a system that can be used anytime, anywhere MR -Medical Representative- who travels a lot and can not stop in the company.

Features and effects

Effects of introducing a sales information management system
(1)Information that was managed on a paper basis at each branch office and sales office can be shared in real time by the entire company.
(2) The sales activity automatic report function to superiors makes it possible to quickly grasp problems and other issues.
(3) We can realize paperless by converting the payment of transportation expenses etc. which were done on paper basis into data.

※ “intra-mart” is adopted for the workflow.


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Registered trademark.

“intra-mart” is a registered trademark of NTT DATA INTRAMART CORPORATION.

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