Education system

We provide individualized education in line with the skills, appropriateness and ability of each employee.
Repeat PDCA (target setting, implementation, evaluation, improvement) to aim at individual ability improvement.
In addition, we cooperate with evaluation system based on goal setting and the degree of achievement.

Career step up system

We have introduced an evaluation system as below. We evaluate not only by “Evaluation by superiors”, but we are working on multi-faceted, highly transparent and fair evaluation / personnel appraisal by “evaluation committee who does not belong to the department in direct report”.


Employee introduction system

If an acquaintance or a friend introduced by our employee stars to work in our company,
we will provide you up to 300,000 yen as a fee for introduction according to our company policy.

Qualification acquisition incentive system

For those who acquired our qualification after joining the company, a maximum of 150,000 yen will be provided.

Solution service

Group company

Privacy policy