Recruitment Guidelines

We offer multiple kinds of working styles.

Full-time / Contracted / Dispatched registered employees etc.
※ We promote woman workers. (We have Pre-birth, post-birth, childcare support system.)

We hold company briefings and recruitments throughout the year. Apply are well come anytime.

We work in casual wear.

So please come to our office with your usual clothes when you visit our office for your interview.
※ Of course business suit are wellcome as well.

Recruitment Guidelines.

Sort of occupationSystem Engineer / Programmer
Job descriptionSoftware design and development
Working hours9:00-18:00(Lunch break 12:00-13:00)
HolidayComplete five-day workweek system. Japanese holidays, New Year holidays, summer holidays, etc.
Starting salaryFrom ¥200,300 per month (University degree)
From ¥185,300 per month (Junior college, vocational school degree)
TreatmentSalary update once a year. Bonus twice a year.
Special allowance, Position allowance Overtime allowance, Late night allowance, Family allowance, Housing allowance. (We have internal regulation for these allowance)
WelfareVarious social insurance. Support for re-employment, childcare, long-term care leave, retirement benefit.

Standard selection steps.


Submit resume and job history

Please mail or mail the required documents.
Let’s write your appeal points firmly!!
※ Please refer to the bottom of the page for details of the addressee.

Company description exernation

Company briefing from HR personnel.

“Please feel free to make question regarding our company or our industries.
(We can make the 1st interview right after our company description exernation.)”

1st interview

Basic interview and aptitude test by personnel in charge

Appropriate test for the programmer.

2nd interview

Interview by the technical director.

“The head of our technical department will interview you.
Do not hesitate to tell us about you, and to ask us anything you would like to ask.”

Final interview

The final interview will be made by our CEO.

Our CEO has humor, so please do not get nervous.

Informal job offers

We will send you a notification letter.

Congratulations! We look forward to starting wokring with you.

“Above is just a guide line scheme, and we can arrange more interviews if needed.
Basically you can make interviews as much as you want regarding 1st and 2nd interviews.”

When applying

Please specify the required items and send the required documents by mail or e-mail address below.

Necessary matters Applicant’s name
Contact information
Required documents Resume (with face photo)
Job Record (Format Free)

Destination Recruiter
In the case of mail Itopia Ogimachi Building 6F,4-7-13, Tenjimbashi, Kita Ku, Osaka, 530-0041, Japan.

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