Privacy policy

Enactment date : 1st March, 2006
Revised date : 1st Aug, 2020
Chief Executive Officer Shuichi Hashimoto

System Trust Co., Ltd., ’s management philosophy is to contribute to the development of society and a healthy economy growth by providing high-quality services with appropriately managing operations, and to keep responding to our customers’ trust through this information service industry,
Every member in our company including directors, employees and everyone engaged in business,
understanding the importance of protecting personal information and complying with laws and regulations concerning personal information protection.
We strive to respond to our customer’s trust by handling personal information appropriately and safely,

  1. We will compliance based on “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” and other relevant laws and regulations, and keep internal rules and regulations regarding handling of personal information in compliance, and manage appropriately
  2. We established the following purposes of use, handling of personal information to the extent necessary to achieve that purpose, and it does not perform out-of-target use, and take measures for that purpose.
    • Management of contract dealings
    • Business contact
    • Providing technician information for ordering / receiving work
    • Management of employees
    • When you provide personal information for other purposes, you will get an understanding by telling you the purpose of use each time.
  3. We will not provide personal information to third parties unless we obtain consent from the person or based on laws and ordinances. Also, when delegating the handling of personal information to the outside, we oblige the contract to prevent leakage etc. and let us implement appropriate management
  4. Our company strives to keep accurate and up-to-date personal information, recognize the risks of unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information, and prevent or correct.
  5. We will respond to requests for disclosure, correction, deletion, suspension of use, etc. from the principal without delay.
  6. We will improve our in-house system regarding protection of personal information possessed, manage effectively and make efforts to continuously improve the management system.

Complaints on general personal information protection policy and other inquiries from the contact below.

Contact regarding personal information protection:

Personal information protection manager

※ Information provided will be handled properly according to our personal information protection policy.

Regarding personal information handling.

1. Name of company

System Trust Co., Ltd.,

2. Acquisition and use of personal information

We clarify the purpose of use and handle within the limited range of consent when we acquire personal information.
We will indicated in advance to inform you, If it becomes necessary to use personal information beyond the range of purpose.

  1. Personal information of executives and employees of clients
    (1) Communication necessary for business · business talk etc.
    (2) Performing contracts, requesting performance
    (3) Business Partner Information Management
    (4) Shipment business of products etc.
  2. Personal information on directors, employees etc. of business partners
    (1) In case of business emergency
    (2) Sales activities to our business partners
    * Except personal information acquired from business partners (non-disclosure)
  3. Personal information on employment applicants
    (1) Providing recruitment information etc. to recruitment applicants.
    (2) Recruitment management.
  4. Personal information on employees, retirees
    (1) Labor management (including personnel evaluation, arrangement (including posting and transfer), training)
    (2) Wage management (including salary, bonus, payment of retirement allowance)
    (3) Welfare and social insurance procedures
    (4) Health and safety management (including health checkups, health guidance, etc.)
    (5) Other (Including notification of business, creation of various reports, posting on groupware, etc.)

3. Third-paty provision

We do not provide personal information to third parties without obtaining the consent of the personal, except in the following cases.

  1. In case of according to laws and regulations.
  2. In case when it is necessary for the protection of human life, body or property, and when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the personal.
  3. In case when it is particularly necessary for the improvement of public health or the promotion of healthy fostering of children and when it is difficult to obtain consent of the personal.
  4. In cases where it is necessary for a national agency or a local public entity or a person entrusted with such consultation to cooperate in carrying out the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations and obtaining consent from the person himself / herself, it will hinder the execution of the affairs.
  5. In case when we are transferred to business due to merger, spin-off, or other reasons and deal with personal information within the scope of the purpose before approval.

4. Handling consignment.

We may consign to outsourcing companies within the range necessary for achieving the purpose of use when acquired personal information. We oblige the contract regarding prevention of leakage and non-purpose use, and we strict management and guidance when entrusting to the outside,

5. Safety control

In order to handle personal information properly, we place personal information protection managers to adequately supervise our employees.
We also take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent illegal access, loss, alteration, destruction and leakage, or to protect other safety management related to personal information.

6. Procedure for disclosure request

Personal information we possess.
  1. Notification of usage purpose.
  2. Disclosure
  3. Correction
  4. Add or remove
  5. Stop using
  6. Erase(The above 1 to 6 are referred to as “Disclosure etc.”)
    We will correspond to your request after confirming your identification.

7. Contact for disclosure request.

Request for disclosure etc. Please enclose the required documents with the prescribed invoice and mail it to the following address by a trackable and recordable delivery method. Also, please submit a document for certifying the agent personal, in order of a request by an agent,

Post code : 530-0041 Tenjinbashi 4-7-13 Itopia Ogimachi Building 6F Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu Japan. System Trust Co., Ltd / contact regarding personal information

【Documents required to submit】

  1. Request form of Person Information Disclosure Printed invoices for personal information disclosure etc. (PDF: 10.5 KB)
  2. Identity verification documents.
    Any two copy of, driver’s license, health insurance card, annuity diary, resident’s card,
    passport, basic resident register card, stamp registration certificate .
    ※ More than two documents are necessary.
  3. Documents required for agents.
    • 1-a) In the case of an agent delegated by the principal.
      Letter of attorney (signature by the principal and sealed) x 1pc
      Principal’s Seal Registration Certification 1 ※ within 3 months from issue date
    • 1-b) In case of offer from an adult guardian.
      One document for confirming that there is a court proxy right
      Adult Guardianship Registration Matters Certificate * Three months or less from issue date
    • 2) Confirmation documents of proxy in person.
      ※ One of the confirmation documents need be in the customer’s registered current address.If the permanent address is listed among the verification documents, please send it in a state where the corresponding part is filled in black.

8. Commission and payment method.

We will charge for the request for disclosure, and for the request for notice of usage purpose.
Please enclose postage stamp for 500 yen per application with the application form.
When the fee is insufficient, or when the stamp is not enclosed, we will contact you to notice.
We will not respond to your request if there is no payment made within the prescribed period.

9. Answer for disclosure request.

We will reply by mail to the applicant’s address. We will send you a mail explaining the reason in case when we can not provide you the document.

10. Purpose of using personal information acquired regarding disclosure request.

Personal information acquired upon request for disclosure, shall be handled only within the necessary area.
Documents submitted will be kept for 3 years after the answer to the request for disclosure is completed, and then we will properly discard it.

We will not disclose in the following situation. We will notify you with the reason if we decide not to disclose.
We will charge a prescribed fee for non-disclosure cases as well.

11. Laws and regulations compliance / Revision of privacy statement.

We handle personal information in compliance based on Japanese laws and regulations.
We may revise our privacy statement in order to make protection more reliable,or to conform to changes in laws and regulations, or for other reasons.
Please verify the latest privacy statement for details.

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13. Inquiries and consultation, complaints contact.

Please contact us on the following for inquiries and consultation, complaints regarding personal information.
[contact regarding personal information]
Post code : 530-0041
Tenjinbashi 4-7-13 Itopia Ogimachi Building 6F
Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu Japan.
TEL: 06-4801-0570
FAX: 06-4801-0571
(Hours : Monday – Friday 10: 00 am ~ 5: 00 pm, except for New Year holidays / holidays)

14. Person in charge of privacy policy.

System Trust Co., Ltd.
Person in charge of privacy policy : Atsushi Kokubu,
Contact: Same as the above [contact regarding personal information].

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